Guidelines for Technical Abstracts

All Abstracts are Due by February 1, 2024

All prospective presenters are strongly urged to submit an abstract using Environmental Measurement Symposium's (EMS) on-line abstract submission website. All necessary formatting of abstracts will be performed automatically by the website. Abstracts of equivalent quality and topic will be chosen for a full session based on submission date.

You will need the following information to submit an abstract:

  • Author name, company/organization, address, phone, and e-mail address
  • Presentation Title
  • Preferred Session for your presentation selected from drop-down menu
  • Name, company/organization, address, e-mail, and phone for all co-authors
  • Presentation Preference (Platform or Poster)
  • Abstract Narrative: a description of the topic of your presentation; please limit to no more than 300 words in length
  • Name, Biography, Photo and full contact information for the Presenting Author

Note: Abstracts must be written in English

Numerous examples of abstracts from past conferences may be viewed on the NEMC website at

All chosen abstracts/presentations for the conference will be publicly posted on the EMS website in PDF format after the conference portal is closed in late October. Only submit material that can be posted. You will be required to sign a Written Materials Agreement as a condition of abstract submission.

If you have any issues uploading your abstract, please contact EMS IT Manager
William Daystrom ([email protected]) or Speaker Liaison Barbara Hansen ([email protected]) for assistance.